Dental Cleanings

Professional Dental Cleanings: Professional dental cleanings, known as dental prophylaxis, are performed by registered dental hygienists. During the cleaning, the hygienist will remove tartar and plaque, and then polish the teeth to remove any remaining stains. The proper removal of … Continued

Dental Exams

On your first visit, the dentist will perform a comprehensive dental exam to assess the current condition of your teeth and their supporting dental structures. You will then be asked to return for regular check-up exams to help implement and … Continued

Digital X-Rays

Digital radiography (digital x-ray) is the latest and most advanced technology. This is used by dentists to ensure the most clear and accurate diagnosis is achieved. This technique uses an electronic sensor (instead of x-ray film) that captures and stores … Continued

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is the most effective agent available to prevent and treat tooth decay. Fluoride is a mineral that is naturally present in almost all food and water in trace amounts. The benefits of fluoride have been well knows for over … Continued


What are sealants? Dental sealants are a form of preventative treatment that is used to help prevent or slow down the development of caries. They are plastic coatings are placed on the chewing surface of the teeth, which are generally … Continued