Emily K.

5 star treatment!
Expert care with an exceptional staff. Dr. Lee is very professional, friendly, and makes you feel welcome. The best dentist Juneau has to offer!

Lydia R.

Quality care to individual
Dr. Lee and his staff are very understanding about needs of the individual (personal or otherwise) and are very fast and efficient in their work. They have a sense of humor and patience with each of their clients and make good conversation.

Joanne M.

Another great cleaning!!!

I always enjoy my visits to Dr. Lee’s office… Dr. Lee and his staff always provide their clients with the latest dental information, products and new technologies for their dental care. Dr. Lee is so funny and truly cares about your visit!

Harold Peterson


Dr. Lee is a very smart and down-to-earth man. After his thorough exam, he provides you with information in a way that everyone can understand. I am referring everybody that I come across a Dr. Lee’s office from now on!

Wendell Welling


This may sound hard to believe, but I have learned to look forward to dental visits. Dr. Lee and his staff really put me at ease and they all seem to enjoy their profession. A skilled dentist and a great staff makes for a great combination. I highly recommend this office.

Delma Siangco


Ten being the higjest I rate my last visit as 8

Dylan Mores



Joel Curtis


The latest dental-tech seems to be something out of science fiction. No longer are “bite-wing” film inserts the norm to make you gag, but instead there is a backing sensor of some kind for the individual X-ray images that is moved around, but repeatedly the same gizmo. The display, of course, is now a screen image (probably .jpeg) instead of the old “clip on a light” for transparencies, not to mention waiting for developed film. I wonder if they don’t have some false color enhancements for later study? (Hey, the old guy has been drinking wine!). Plaque? You got stains? We don’t do no stinking scraping and pick-axing (scaling) any more! Now build-up is “zapped” and shattered by contact with an extremely high frequency ultra-sound pick-like-thingy. Yes, shattered! Slurp! Up it goes in a rubber hose!They don’t even make you pay with pain anymore for your own lack of flossing discipline. The guilt trip and sore gums seems to be gone with the rotary dial. I’m beginning to think that my teeth will really outlast the rest of me.

Colin Peacock


This was probably the least painful, most enjoyable dentist visit I have ever had. And this was my first cleaning in 4 years… I think a large part of that is due to the friendly and professional staff at Jared Lee’s office.Highly recommended.

John Bennett, Jr


I was treated professionally and with friendliness throughout. My needs were addressed and everyone I had contact was most helpful.

Judy Leegard


Whatever I have done following your staff’s advice…it must be working. Best result ever and gums are getting better. Enjoyed my last cleaning visit. Judy Leegard.

Penny Beiler


Thanks for everything! It was another positive experience and no cavities! The care is always exemplary.

Cynthia Smith


After coming home from the grocery store, my husband took one look at me asked what was wrong. I hesitately showed him my front tooth… The tooth had cracked and the veneer had come off. I was devastated. My husband frantically called all the dentists in town and was told the doctors had gone home for the day but that I could call them in the morning. No emergency service available. My husband did not accept that as an answer and kept calling. He was so happy when Dr. Lee answered the phone and offered to stay and wait for us so he could look at my tooth. We rushed to the office and the assistant Becky and Dr. Jared Lee looked at my tooth and told me I needed a crown. They graciously stayed to do all the necessary treatment I needed and did not rush a thing. My tooth looks great! I cannot express my gratitude enough! I’m so glad that we found you

Stacey Rodriguez


Dr Lee and Kristen and very professional and make dental visits fun for my daughter.

Amanda Pilley


Dr. Lee’s office is the best dental practice in town, hands down. Their staff is professional, the office is fun, and the work is of the highest caliber. I would never consider going anywhere else, and neither should anyone else.

James Rogers


Megan as usual did a great job. Did some measurements that had not been done in 9 years. And we even managed to have some interesting conversation while all this was being done.

Lindsay Thurman


It was my first time going to a dentist in Juneau, and I randomly picked Dr. Lee’s office. I’m so happy I did! He and his staff were friendly, professional, and made sure I had all the information I need to continue my dental health, through their office and at home. I also appreciate not being sold into unnecessary procedures, and felt my hygienist and doctor helped me understand a reasonable game-plan for now and the future.

Bruno Volk


Shannara Shannara


I had a bad tooth that was preventing sleep. Got in right away, tooth was extracted, and was sent on my way.Excellent team, caring, friendly, love jokes! (always a plus).

Tari Esposito


I felt in very capable hands throughout the visit. Thank you Dr. Lee and Rebecca for the excellent results in setting my crowns. I am looking forward to the next suggested treatments especially with your excellent hygientist who gave me a thorough cleaning this last visit. Ty Esposito

Hien Tran


From the moment I walked in to the moment I walked out, the staff was genuinely nice and professional. I had my teeth cleaned at many offices over the years, and this was the first time i didnt leave with gum pain from the hygienist flossing me too roughly. So Thank you.

Lance Walters


The people in the office are very kind and helpful. I have expressed a concern in the past about my insurance paying the full amount and you guys not reimbursing me the difference. The other day when I came in for my routine cleaning and checkup I learned that I had $100. plus dollar credit. If I would’ve known they were paying the full amount last year, after my deductible had been reached, I would’ve gotten much needed crown work done last year. Instead I learned that I have a credit six months later. Also, I would rather have my money then it sitting in your bank. I am diligent in paying my bill and only expect the same diligence in return.

Wayne Coogan


The frank and plain-spoken comments on dental matters are a refreshing break from the all-too-common pedantic discourse given by medical professionals.

Matisse Suarez


We are happy to see Dr Jared Lee when we took our 2 year daughter a week ago. His very caring, nice and friendly as well as the staff too. Best dental office in town esp for kids . Thank you.

Thomasina Andersen


My teeth have never looked better and felt healthier! Thanks for all you do!

Ismael Garcia


Me siento muy bien y a la vez muy agradecido por el magnifico trato de todo el colectivo y en especial del doctor Jared Lee muchas gracias mis saludos

Jefferson Jeffers


Kristin was professional and very pleasant to be with. She provided a good cleaning and recommendations for my continuing oral care. When I realized I needed to run to my appointment, she quickly brought Dr. Lee in to complete the exam and get me on my way.Great staff, great team. Thanks.

Kade Walker


As always, my visit to Dr. Lee was great. My hygienist this time was Kristin and she was super nice and told me about the new fluoride treatment that tastes GREAT and doesn’t leave my mouth gritty. Dr. Lee is super nice and I’m so glad that I’m still in the “no cavities” club. Thank you for the great care that makes this happen. And thank you for the neat gift I got for being in the “No Cavities Club.”

Casey Hughes


I’ve never enjoyed a dental experience in my life. I’ve never had good teeth(my fault) and it’s never been fun going to the dentist. This was my first time seeing Jared Lee since the switch from harbor view. I had to get a tooth extracted, and while that absolutely sucked, the staff were very friendly and they were nothing less than professional. They were very interactive with me and I didn’t feel like just a patient in a chair. Thank you guys.

Joel Parkans


My visit itself was great and the staff was friendly but for such an intense procedure, i was told to take ibuprofen, and a day later and after much discomfort endured, i was prescribed something stronger that worked. 5 days later my gums are still in pain, specifically in an area that seems to have something firm stuck in the cavity. This dentist does respond quickly to requests, however, and this review and my first correspondence with them have occurred on the weekend when they are not able to reply, so i don’t fault them at this.

Susan Pollock


I can’t say it’s fun having a tooth pulled but it can’t get any better than this. Thank you for the prompt and expert care. You saved my vacation.

Kim Worley


It was by far the best cleaning I’ve ever had! Kristin was very thorough and informative. Dr. Lee has a wonderful chair side manor and made me feel at ease. I would recommend this office to all of my friends and family

Camdyn Clancy


Recently took my son there and was beyond impressed with Dr. Lee and his entire demeanor with our young child. Very competent, very personable and very kind. We will without a doubt always take my son here and will recommend him to anyone!

Eric DeMoulin


Probably the best dentist office I have ever been to. Dr. Lee has invested a lot in his practice to give the best to his clients. Kristin is awesome! Can’t say enough good things.

Christopher Montes


Besides a 350$ bill for being in there 20 minutes and nothing else happening, everyone seems just super.

Susan Denson


Dr. Coplin & staff agreed to see me for an emergency visit (broken front tooth) while we docked in Juneau on a cruise. They were very nice, professional & effecient. I cannot imagine what the remainder of my trip would have been like had they not ‘patched me up’. I am forever grateful to them.

Judy Campbell


Just had another great dental appointment with Dr. Lee and my hygienist, Karen. Thorough, painless, caring, and friendly visit, and I got to enter my name into the “adult no cavity club” drawing!

Kami Clark


All the staff are very friendly and Dr. Lee is fantastic as well. I would highly recommend this office if your looking to switch or new in town. Great team!!!

Mark Millea


I tried spelling “hygiene” four different ways, and I’m not sure I got it right! But you get the idea.I’ve said it before–an appointment at Jared Lees’ is a really positive experience, from walking in the door, to enjoying the waiting room music, to the pleasant ministrations of Christie’s teeth cleaning! Thanks again! Mark

Dixie Weiss


Hygienist’s Hint to switch to electric toothbrush to mitigate stains on teeth is much appreciated!

Cecilia Miller


Great support for my braces

Julianna Kawakami


Dr. Lee and his staff are so friendly and happy. Best of all my teeth really feel clean when I leave.

James Barron


Excellent as always

Kristin McTague


Try getting your teeth cleaned at Dr. Lee’s office- you’ll smile, get your teeth in good shape, and maybe even laugh. The staff is great- try them out. I love them.

Catherine Wassillie


It took two days as a call back waiting list. I didn’t think I’d get in but the front ladies were good about keeping in touch and called when there was a cancellation so I could get in. 🙂

Joanne M.

I always enjoy my visits to Dr. Lee’s office… Dr. Lee and his staff always provide their clients with the latest dental information, products and new technologies for their dental care. Dr. Lee is so funny and truly cares about your visit!

Karen Saverine


This was the best dentist visit I’ve ever had!!

Ralph Crosslin


I needed a crown reset. They got me in on the same day without a hassle.Very friendly staff and Dr.

Lydia R.

Dr. Lee and his staff are very understanding about needs of the individual (personal or otherwise) and are very fast and efficient in their work. They have a sense of humor and patience with each of their clients and make good conversation.

James Wetherington


Incredibly polite and thorough! The staff were well versed and extremely competent. Thank you for making this so pleasant!

Karen Beason


I think a 20 min wait time is a bit long. Maybe you could text people when you all are running late. Just a thought.

Emily K.

5 star treatment!

Expert care with an exceptional staff. Dr. Lee is very professional, friendly, and makes you feel welcome. The best dentist Juneau has to offer!

Clark Gruening


Professional and through

Samual Day


efficient and professional – and fun!

Lacey P.

All SMILES with this practice!

Everyone here is friendly and helpful. The hygienists are considerate and professional. And Dr. Lee himself has a fantastic personality and is very friendly. I would definitely recommend this practice!

Terry Wilkinson


Friendly atmosphereProfessionalismNice officeGreat serviceThese are just a few of the things you can find if you go see Dr. Lee and staff.

Anneka Morgan


Super friendly and professional. Will definitely recommend them to friends looking for a dentist!

Joey Park


Had to get a cleaning and a composite filling smoothed off. They fit me in their busy schedule. Front desk was very polite and friendly. Dental hygienists were thorough and everyone was very accommodating. Dr. Lee delivered near painless local anesthesia and does great work. Recommend this office to anyone looking to receive high quality and friendly treatment.

Christopher J.


Dr. Lee is highly professional and rendered exceptional quality service to me as an emergency patient. I recommend him with utmost enthusiasm!

John Scott


Dr Lee’s office and staff are excellent and the work I have had done there is top notch with latest equipment and methods. All staff are professional and welcoming – no angst going to this office

Sitthida Sukkamon


I have try several dentist office in town and have not been happy with the dentist or the dental hygienist so I just give another try for Dr. Lee office and every happy with Kristin. She has a gentle hands so not hurt like I have my teeth clean before. Dr. Lee and the staff is very friendly. The office environment is nice. I am happy to to be a regular customer and thank goodness I don’t have to try to find another dentist in town!

Janey McCullough


I can’t thank you and your staff enough for fitting me into your schedule on a moments notice. From the moment your Receptionist took my call, to two hours later, my filling replaced, was customer-service excellence and unsurpassed professionalism and expertise. You have won a permanent patient and I can’t rave or repeat enough, to anyone who will listen, the enjoyable experience I received at your office. Juneau is lucky you decided to come here and open a practice! Thank you for getting me in quick and taking excellent care of me.

Angela Moe


I have never been a huge fan of going to the dentist, but for myself as well as both of my children whom experience Autism Spectrum Disorder- I am so happy Dr. Lee is practicing dentistry in Juneau! The hygienists and assistants as well as all the office staff couldn’t be more welcoming and very accommodating to me and my children. I also appreciate the modern technology of simple things like text communication and iPad demonstrations of dental work- yay! Modern times have arrived!Thanks again for great care! Highly recommend!

Carol McCormick


All went well as usual

Joab Cochrane


Good reports on teeth cleaning & some education of dental implants vs root canals. Minor fix went well and is not an issue for me.Regards, Joab

Stan Lujan


Kristi was excellent and did everything to make the cleaning as pleasant as possible. Jared was excellent and very personable. He even recognized my Red Sox hat I wore into the office. One of my teeth was a bit in the high end…he leveled it off with great precision – it make a big difference. After Dr. Cook retired (who we loved), the next bath of dentists they had in the office were marginal at best. Now that Dr. Lee took over their practice….it has made my wife (Amy) and I very happy to have our old/new dental service back again….like the old days, with a modern young fellow to grow old with:). Best regards….Stan Lujan

Yanet Sosa


Todo bien , prefiero Dr lee tu otra asistentes porque me trató más suaves me duele mucho cuando me trata fuerte he tenido tomar pastilla porque me duele, por lo demás todo bien

Susan Clark


What I am using:Yogic tooth powder: 2 parts Potassium alum to one part salt as tooth powder. http://www.khalsahealth.com/p_alum.html. and http://yogamurrieta.com/node/460With EM (Effective Microorganisms) http://www.effectivemicroorganisms.com ie. Http://www.effectivemicroorganisms.com/collections/frontpage/products/bioemsan-toothpaste-80-ml-tube. Orhttp://www.effectivemicroorganisms.com/collections/frontpage/products/bioemsan-homeopathic-toothpaste-80-ml-tubeThese together healed a cavity at my gum line (left side lower)

Rodney Dell`Andrea


Dr. Lee and his staff made my visit as comfortable an experience as possible. From the electronic “paperwork” aptly and capably overseen by Kim and the very effective clinical procedures executed by Karen (X-rays, periodontal charting and cleaning), to the highly-professional evaluation of my oral health by Dr. Lee, my visit was educational and stress-free. Thank you again, Dr. Lee, and please pass along my compliments to your great team.

Sofia Jordan


My 7 year old girl, was a bit nervous about seeing a new doctor. After Dr. Lee introduced himself and showed her magic tricks she became more relaxed. She was happy with the surprise for being part of the no cavities club. The team does a great job with kids!

Jaycee Wright


Dr. Lee is amazing! Jaycee was very comfortable having him work on her teeth and she especially loved the magic trick and balloon! Thank you for making her dentist visit a positive one!

Marsha Partlow


Educational, thorough, pleasant, everything well doneThank you.

Richard Stokes


My gums were sensitive and had some lesions that suggested a viral problem. Both hygienist, Christian, and Dr. Lee were professional and sympathetic. They treated me and scheduled a second appointment. They asked me to call if discomfort continued. I felt like I was in good hands.

Annecke Marais


Excellent and SUPER professional!!

Ashlynn Antoni


Dr. Lee and Megan were wonderful 🙂 I get a little nervous when it comes to dentist visits but they were totally welcoming, friendly, and thorough! They will be my dentist for the rest of my time here in Juneau! Thank you, Thank you!

Eric Carver


I was very impressed with the ease of setting up my account for a first time patient & the service was awesome!!

Caryl Seris


Very nice office. Loved the family feeling. Will be a client for years to come.

Rhonda Hozey


Everything about my visit was excellent!

Charmagne Gutierrez


Great Dentist, staff, and office! Kuerig coffee & beverages provided 🙂

Ron Newsom


Thanks for everything you done for me, it was a great experience.

Robert Melanson


Megan was wonderful! My cleaning appointment felt like a massage for my teeth! (Open wide) 0: Ahh (:Rob

Logoitumua Iputi


Dr. Jared Lee and his staff are all amazing and so professional! They truly care about their patients!!

Elizabeth Stewart


I have a long term relationship with this office, especially my hygienist Annette. I’ve been so happy since Dr. Lee revitalized this practice. I go in every 3 months to have my teeth cleaned and to check the progress of my gum disease. Annette had to reschedule this appointment. I had no problem at all with the date change, but Dr. Lee gave me a gift card for coffee anyway. So nice! A big thank you to everyone at the office. You guys make it quite pleasant to go to the dentist!

Faith Hutchinson


The dental hygienist took me back to the alcove and I sat down. She took my blood pressure and then started asking questions related to my health care. Did I still have the same Dr., was I still on the same medication, etc. I had no problem answering these questions because they seemed relevant to the situation, even though they were exhausting. However, after that, she kept asking questions which were not relevant. Did I work? Where did I work at? I told her yes and that I worked at the hospital. But, now I was starting to feel uncomfortable. I do not wish to reveal any personal information about myself to a stranger. So I said, “I didn’t know we were playing 20 questions.” This was to let her know that I felt uncomfortable with these non-relevant questions. She evidently took offence, instead of realizing that I felt uncomfortable with her prying. She said, “I am just being friendly, but I don’t have to be if you don’t want me to.” What she said would have been okay, except for the apparant sarcasm in her voice. But, still I thought maybe she understood. I was wrong, because less than a minute later, she said, “What do you do at the hospital?” I sighed and shook my head slightly, evidently she did not understand at all. This is when things got ugly. She said, ‘Now you are sighing, what is the matter with you?” And, she went on to say she had never met anyone so rude. Why are you being so rude, etc.I listened, but now I went from just uncomfortable to just wanting to get out of there. I said, “Can we just get my teeth cleaned?” She seemed to agree and I laid down and she put the chair back. But, while she was examining my teeth,she started talking again. This time she said,” Do you work with people at the hospital, because, you wouldn’t be very good at it.” Then she stood up and took off her gloves. I wasn’t sure what was going on,but I realized that I was not going to get my teeth cleaned. At that point I wouldn’t have let her do it anyway. I said, “I guess I’ll come back another day and maybe someone else can clean my teeth.”She said, “Wait right here, I’m going to get the Dr. to talk to you.” I left, If I wasn’t going to get my teeth cleaned, I had no reason to wait, that I could see.In retrospect, it may be good for your hygienist to study a little about introverted people, not everyone likes to or is even capable of participating in small talk.But, even at that I felt I was treated horribly. And, the worst thing is, I’m labeled as a rude person when there was absolutely no anger or grouchiness about me at all, not so with your employee…..

Grace Amundsen


I’ve felt welcome here, and cared for. I couldn’t ask for more. Best dentist I’ve been to.

Barbara Mitchell


Everyone was very friendly and they make you feel comfortable. Office is clean and very up-to-date.



Dr. Lee is so friendly and personable as all the staff from the hygienist to the front desk staff. It’s always a pleasant experience! I would highly recommend his practice to anyone.

Maeve Coyle


Hi thereThank you for looking after me on Wednesday. I gave your card to the Princess Cruise line. I hope you will get lots of referrals. Well done and thanks again for fitting me in on such short notice.

Michelle Pauser


The whole office space is spacious, clean, bright and nice! Doctor Lee and staff are all friendly, knowledgeable, and provide a positive atmosphere…pretty nice for a dental office. Great incentive program for “healthy mouths” and the gift bags (toothbrush, floss…etc) are the most thoughtful I’ve ever seen. Zero negatives, countless positives!

Cheryl Benson


Great service, very friendly and fun and extremely accommodating when the crown came off one of my front teeth!!Thank you Dr. Lee and staff.

Dixie Stirling


Dr. Lee recently fixed a broken crown for me. He did a wonderful job! Ever since childhood, I have had a mild phobia about going to the dentist. I don’t have that problem anymore. Dr. Lee and his staff always make me feel comfortable and at ease by explaining what they are doing before it occurs. They are quick, painless, and do good work. The hygienists are friendly, efficient, and thorough. I highly recommend Dr. Lee and his entire office staff!

Maurice Cooper


Just wanted to say thank you to Jared and his crew for the best dental experience ever!

Jozee Archambault


When a tooth hurt , our entire life hurt….Dr. Lee has a great attitude and his entire team is willing to work with you .Going to see him is the high way to feel better….There is just one thing that sadden me….. He is always missing when it is time for me to leave…. Don’t have a chance to shake hands and say thank you…..Maybe Dr Lee doesn’t like goodbyes…..

Josephine Locke (Wright)


Everyone is so kind and Friendly!

Randall Brink


This was my first visit to Dr. Jared Lee’s office, for treatment in a dental emergency. He, and his entire staff are excellent, the office and equipment are immaculate, state-of-the-art. Looking forward to a long relationship for regular dental care.

Donald Hendrickson


Kristen was really fantastic and extremely thorough!!!

Charlene Bamford


Dr. Lee and his staff are professional, friendly and all around awesome. Almost makes it a pleasure to go to the dentist. His patients can be assured they will get the best, most comfortable and up-to-date dental care available. I highly recommend him!

Friedhelm Illian


In an emergency, it is good to know that your office, dentist, and staff are very professional and able to help a patient get dental work and back on the plane in a hurry! Thanks, my tooth is fine again!

Thea Nelson


I went in for a new patient exam, part of which included taking 15 different xrays of my teeth. The technician placed a bite in my mouth and I asked her “don’t I need the protective cover/jacket over me?” She stated that with today’s xrays they aren’t really necessary and even she doesn’t have to worry about the exposure. Well, sure, but she steps out of the room behind a wall to take the xrays, so yes, I agree, she doesn’t have to worry because she’s protected. She then asked if I have had any “Cancer” scares and I said I hadn’t. She then said not to worry about it. But I did worry and I wish I would have demanded she place that protective jacket over me. I think this should be provided to protect ALL patients while getting xrays.

Franco Gaceta


Dental appointment went smooth, my children responded better to both hygienist and dentist compared to when I clean their teeth. -The office was comfortable and had enough refreshments and items to keep my children busy.-There was barely any wait time-MI paste purchased over the the registration desk was expired though. Hoping to get a replacement as soon as they open tomorrow.

Elena Viera


Everyone was so friendly and professional. I would recommend Jared let’s office. The office was clean and and modern. Definitely a great environment.

Daniel Carothers


Excellent overall Dentist service!

Bryn Fluharty


I really enjoyed my visit to the dentist! They have a great staff which is professional and worked efficiently to get me in and out in a timely manner and did a great job! I am certainly headed back!

Andrew Kerr


Great service, friendly atmosphere. Highly recommend:)

Richard Listowski


I was wondering why my next appointment is in six months instead of what was for years the recurrent three month appointment? I am not trouble with a six month period between appointments, but I am curious as to why this change was made. I would prefer an every four month visit.Kristin did a good job on my procedure. I was a little surprised that she didn’t ask if I took my amoxicillin pills since I mentioned that I have a transplanted kidney. I did take my 4 pills. Thank you very much for the free cup of coffee card at the Grind. Happy Halloween!

Joseph Bingham


First time to their office. Wonderful experience (even for going to the dentist.) very friendly and helpful. I received more information in one visit to this office than in the last 3 years of going to my previous dentist.

Ludmila Diaz


I just went to see Dr.Lee for the first time early this year and it was a great experience overall. The waiting time to go in was short, the place was very clean everywhere, the check in was super fast in a computer. The girl that did my cleaning was very gentle and knowledgeable and did an outstanding job. Dr.Lee came after the cleaning and he was also very professional and pleasant to talk to. I tried 2 other dentist office in the past in Juneau and I would never go back to those now that I know how Dr. Lee’s office works. I would recommend them to anyone without a doubt.

Dana Walters


Annette did a wonderful job cleaning my super sensitive teeth! For the first time in about 40 years, I had no pain while getting my teeth cleaned! Love this place!

Hugo Rodriguez


Megan was sweet and has a knack to relax. She was informative when she gave her analysis to me, and made me feel cared, especially since she remembered I was having a baby.

Cara Peters


Highly recommend Dr. Lee and his dental team. Personable and helpful assistants; reasonable prices; and Dr. Lee takes the time to explain procedures and provide options. He is conscious of holistic dentistry and responds to my concerns. I am quite picky about dentists and previously went to Seattle for treatment until Dr. Lee came to Juneau.

Mary Spain


My EMERGENCY visit was amazing. The doctor was quick, efficient, sympathetic all while having a smile on his face. I felt so bad that I called on the weekend. My anniversary weekend! But Dr. Lee was quick to respond with a comforting smile on his face. I broke my front composit in more time than it took for him to fix it and he did so beautifully. I have visited Dr. Lee and his establishment more than a few times and each time him and his team provide wonderful dental services with friendly faces and plenty of smiles. As a mother of two young boys I highly reccomend them in youth services as well as adult services.

Kaewta “poppy” Lesech


I Love An Friendly And Excellence Team Work Of Service At Jared Lee, DDS Thank you very much

Yanitza Muir


Excellent service, very satisfied with my cleaning . She took her time and went through each part of my guns and teeth.

Penny McGoey


I’ve been looking for a great dentist since mine retired… and I’ve found a great dental team here in Juneau! Karen, my hygienist was amazing and Dr. Lee was warm and capable. I’m moving my whole family and my grand children to Dr. Lee’s office. Can’t recommend another dentist more!

Lindsey Peterson


Thank you Jared Lee DDS Team! My teeth are sparkling, I got the information I needed to take care of them, and I got to enjoy your beautiful and comfortable facilities.

Paul Comins


Everything was great

Madeleine Bass


My five-year-old does a happy dance when she gets to go to the dentist. I wish I had a video of it. Dr. Lee and his dental hygienists do a terrific job of working with the kids to make their visit painless and even fun. Dr. Lee sometimes does magic tricks and the kids always get a balloon animal. five stars!

Ingrid Zaruba


Thank you for making time to check out the broken tooth, revisiting the treatment plan from a year or so ago and having the time to review and update the plan, take impressions and figure out a plan for the immediate time all in the same appt.!All the stafff is courteous, concerned about how you’re doing while in the chair and friendly. All that is appreciated!

Stella Taug


Real good feeling when you leave the dentist office***where you really dreaded going ***And say to yourself , ” every one of those people welcomed and treated me great…. they’re fantastic. ” THANKS YOU ALL & have a terrific Thanksgiving.Stella

Brad Jensen


Kind, considerate and very helpful. Upon through exam I was referred some some who got me in the next and dealt with dental problem.

Marsha Montag


Dr. Lee spent time with me today explaining about my tooth and how a crown wouldn’t help it at this point. He said it would be best to concentrate on the tooth #31 that needs a crown redone. He’s a great dentist and I just love having him as my dentist! He’s wonderful and I have told several people about him. People always ask me how I like going to Dr. Lee. I tell them he’s great and I love going there!

Rae Keim


Excellent, modern office full of the nicest people. Thrilled with our treatment and will definitely be back.

Jessie Deemer


they were through and did a great job

Tayma McClain


The staff at Dr. Lee’s office are all very friendly. They take time to introduce themselves, even with a handshake. Even the receptionist stood up to do this when we arrived. And they are considerate as well, I had another appointment to get to and the hygienist made sure to get new out on time!

Patricia Whitaker


I have personally had a lot of dental work done in my 68 years, and never have I experienced a more professional and caring dental office. They make me feel relaxed knowing that I am in the best hands.

Matthew Brooks


My first visit to Jared Lee’s office was great. Ofcourse, my wife was my hygienist so what wouldn’t be great about it? Relaxed friendly atmosphere.

Rosemary Gute Gruening


Excellent service as always

Lester Howard


Was not anticipating the extent of work needed! It’s depressing for me given all the medical attention I’ve had to undergo since the onset of Parkinson’s last Spring.Impressed with new equipment.

Daniel Marr


Everyone that works with dr lee appears to genuinely love what they do and who they choose to work for. Dr lee is always in a great mood, and i know that he’s a very busy guy from the time he walks in til he walks out. Dr lee does quite a bit for his patients as well, movies, swimming, field house and shave ice! Great bunch of people

Jessica Dreibelbis


Super easy client friendly scheduling. Staff interaction is very cordial and service is excellent! Attractive and clean facility as well. One of the best dentist offices I’ve ever been to, if not the best. Highly recommended!

Tracy LaBarge


Quick in and out. Efficient, friendly.

John Greely


It had been a while since Kristin worked on my teeth and it was very pleasant. She has a calm and organized way of working that I appreciate. Every hygenist has their own way of working, so I am used to different approaches to cleaning my teeth. Thanks for all that Kristin and Karen and all the staff do!

Theoden Lee


My son went in for a ‘six-month happy visit’ and it was just even better than I expected. All of the staff are so great- and Dr. Lee is fantastic with children. For a seven year old boy whom experiences autism- having a smiling dentist who favors the kids with magic tricks and silly jokes is just about as good as it gets.

Sarah Lewis


This was my first cleaning at Dr. Lee’s office, as well as my children’s first. Kristen was gentle, pleasant, efficient and (very importantly to me) taught my children about how to care for their teeth without lecturing them (or me). We haven’t yet had exams with Dr. Lee, but I look forward to that, based on our experience so far.

Mike Story


Kristin and Dr. Lee were both professional and thorough. Thank you!

David White


Thanks…I’m cavity free!

Laura Doogan


I’ve had 12 crowns before & this one was the least painful. 🙂

Michael McCarthy


My experience was very pleasant and service was timely.

Craig Orsborn


Real good people ,best service i have seen in a long time in fact so good I am going to tell my MOM to go.

Sean Boily


After a 4-year laps in dental care and an excellent report from my wife and my kids (6 and 15) who had appointments in the prior week, I scheduled a visit with Jared Lee, DDS. The clinic setting is both a professional and welcoming environment, with friendly and knowledgeable staff. Dr. Lee is quite personable, and clearly knows his business. Special attention was given to ensure patient comfort and consideration of time. After cleaning and examination it was clear additional work was needed. They were able to create an opening between other appointments that morning so I did not have to schedule another visit. I was very pleased they were so accommodating!

Maricel Bohulano


My two daughters are always looking forward and get excited for their dentist appointment to see Dr Lee’s new magic tricks. Plus the whole staffs are just friendly and always make you feel welcome.

Val Lind


Had a good check up but forgot to ask Dr. Lee if we should be doing anything about the piece broken off my front tooth. It was fixed by Dr. Cook several years ago but Annette found a chip in the fix.

Sharolyn Maunu


This is the BEST dentist and dental office EVER!!! I feel cared for by the whole office, including Dr. Lee! and I’m happy to say my husband Leonard is going there now too, and he likes the care, the time Dr Lee, Kristin, Kim and others take to explain what is happening with our teeth so we understand!

Jenny Muir


Excellent service, very satisfied with my cleaning . She took her time and went through each part of my guns and teeth.

Antonio Yorba


Not sure I ever said that about a visit to a dental office.

Dianna Ashton


I have never liked going to the dentist my entire life but Dr. Lee and his staff make the experience wonderful. They are friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, considerate and understanding. I would recommend Dr. Lee’s office to anyone. Definitely the best in town. Juneau is lucky to have Dr. Lee in the community.

Melodie Kerr


This was my daughter’s first time to the dentist. She was nervous and didn’t let on that she was enjoying any part of it. After leaving though, she proceeded to tell her brother about the magic tricks the dentist did for her and the show she got to watch, and the goody bag she got to take home! Now my son is excited for his appointment! Great team, great experience. Thank you!

Alexandra Downing


I really enjoyed the friendly staff and Dr Jared was excellent.

Joanne Mason


Thank you for another great dental experience…

Kate Orozco


I have nothing but rave reviews for this team! I have been to Dr. Lee’s office a handful of times since he first opened here in Juneau. The entire office is courteous and knowledgeable– they really seem like they are invested in what they do. I have never felt as comfortable in a dentist’s chair as I do with Dr. Lee and his rockstar staff. I think they have effectively cured my aversion to seeing a Dentist, and I feel incredibly confident in the care they provide.

Michele Hendricks


One of the friendliest dentist offices I’ve ever been to! The entire staff is so friendly and attentive. They make you feel important, like it isn’t just “a job” to them. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a new dentist! Excellent quality & care! 🙂

Josh Adams


Very professional service with friendly staff!

Stacey Harper


Great! Got me in quickly, obviously reviewed records before I arrived, completed everything with about as little pain as i’very had in a dentist’s office.

Michael Lowry


The service was great and the staff was professional

Tammy Jablonski


Have you ever broken a tooth….on a weekend? Well I did….It was very uncomfortable and on a Monday I scrambled to find someone who could see me. My dentist was unable to until likely April due to being out of town. So, I looked in the yellow pages and found Dr. Lee. What a gem of a dentist and staff. I was able to be seen 2 days after breaking the tooth. It had to be extracted and that was done in my initial appt. You can’t ask for nicer more skilled people – from the front office staff to the assistants and the Dr. I will be seeing them on a regular basis….and, they are in network for my dental insurance. SCORE!! I would highly recommend Dr. Lee and staff to anyone!! Woo Hoo!

Marion Gotschall


The only thing I can comment on is the length of time it took to get the replacement tooth for the implant stud – nearly three months. The installment was great. The process was informative and painless. It’s perfect. The assistant was kind, attentive, interesting, on top of the process. Thanks so much.

Merigwen Kawakami


Dr. Lee is the most conscientious dentist I have ever met. He strives to meet client’s needs/wants. I really appreciate his effort to keep up with the latest dental technology. I also appreciate the friendly staff. I highly recommend him to everyone. Tom Kawakami

Audrey Abeyta


Was told that Jared lee is a great dentist. So I made an appointment. The people there are really nice. I would recommend any to go to that dentist:)

Kristin Lee


Anne R.


I was a patient of Dr. Cook for many, many years. I hung in there during the Harborview ownership although I was not thrilled with the revolving door of dentists.  When Dr. Lee purchased the practice I had high hopes.  Initially I was happy with the service I received, but unfortunately I referred my now husband (who needs extensive dental work) to the practice.  My husband had a tooth extracted during a scheduled appointment where he also had a root canal.  A week after the procedures he was in quite a bit of pain and it appeared that a bone fragment had to be removed from the socket where the tooth was.  Dr. Lee’s office was able to fit him in for that procedure one day in advance of his follow up appointment.  Two weeks later my husband was still in pain and had bone coming out on the inside of his jaw.  I telephoned Dr. Lee’s office on two occasions on the same day inquiring about getting my husband seen potentially on a Friday.  I was told that there was no way the dentist would see him when the office is closed.  I explained the situation, but to no avail.  I was able to get my husband in to see one of the oral surgeons in town and the situation was resolved.  I called Dr. Lee’s office and requested a release of our records as we will be finding a new dentist. We found that Dr. Lee is not available to his patients on Fridays or weekends as advertised and at no time was I asked what could be improved to either keep us as patients or if I wanted to even leave a message for the dentist.

Amy Lujan


Thanks for the good service from all staff!

James R.


Megan as usual did a great job. Did some measurements that had not been done in 9 years. And we even managed to have some interesting conversation while all this was being done.

Deeann Fuller


My recent cleaning was the best experience I’ve ever had at the dentist! What a great team! It’s easy to see that they all enjoy their workplace and go above and beyond to create a memorable experience. I will definitely be referring others to try Dr. Lee’s office.

Robert M.


Jared Lee, DDS is a great family friendly dental office in Juneau. The staff is fun and very knowledgeable and the dental work is very progressive and up to date. I’ve had three cleanings and get great information for home care and improving the health of my teeth. I’ve also had two fillings and Dr. Jared Lee was gentle, quick, and thorough.

Beth S.


I had been one of Dr. Cook’s patients for many years.  I was disappointed with rotating dentists, and had started looking for a new dentist, when Dr. Lee bought the practice.  Since many familiar staff members were still there, I made an appointment and went in.  I’ve seen Dr. Lee three times, and I’m happy to say my search for a new dentist is over.  My dental health is back on track.  I’ve had gum disease for many years, and with Dr. Lee’s help, I’ve found a great solution to take care of several missing teeth.  Give the new practice a try, you’ll be a happy camper!Beth Stewart,Juneau, Ak

Madeleine W.


Very friendly staff and up to date equipment. Best dentist I’ve had! Thanks!

Amber Mann


I loved the fast paced atmosphere. Everyone was kind and knowledgeable about any questions I had.

Stan L.


Kristi, dental assistant, was excellent and did everything to make the cleaning as pleasant as possible. Jared was excellent and very personable. He even recognized my Red Sox hat I wore into the office. One of my teeth was a bit in the high end…he leveled it off with great precision – it make a big difference. After Dr. Cook retired (who we loved), the next bath of dentists they had in the office were marginal at best. Now that Dr. Lee took over their practice….it has made my wife (Amy) and I very happy to have our old/new dental service back again….like the old days, with a modern young fellow to grow old with:). Best regards….Stan Lujan

Janey H.


I can’t thank you and your staff enough for fitting me into your schedule on a moments notice. From the moment your Receptionist took my call, to two hours later, my filling replaced, was customer-service excellence and unsurpassed professionalism and expertise. You have won a permanent patient and I can’t rave or repeat enough, to anyone who will listen, the enjoyable experience I received at your office. Juneau is lucky you decided to come here and open a practice! Thank you for getting me in quick and taking excellent care of me.I

Sarai Timothy


I’m a brand new client and recently switched from my dentist of 10 years since I had heard such rave reviews about Dr. Lee and his staff. I was thoroughly impressed with the staff and fun atmosphere. My hygienist Kristin was AMAZING and so incredibly thorough!! Dr Lee had brand new equipment and was able to explain everything involved with my teeth. He was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable! My whole family will now be switching over to Dr. Lee!

Jeff R.


I was nervous about seeing a new dentist here in Juneau, but Dr Lee was recommended by a friend and they were able to see me right away. The price was high, as it is here in Juneau, but they had all the modern equipment that my other dentist does not. Great place, friendly staff, good experience!

Catherine Price


Good skilled and friendly staff.

Penny B.


Dr. Lee and his staff are exemplary givers!  Their practice is state of the art and their training is cutting edge.  The customer service is impeccable and I couldn’t be happier with their service.

John Nemeth


Service was great! Checkin was fast and easy. Megan was fantastic, and my teeth feel more clean than ever!

Jared L.


This place is great. I would work here. Love the staff. Plenty of parking. Dental work to be proud of.

Rebecca Brown


I was overly pleased with the staff and my experience! Everyone was beyond helpful, knowledgeable, and welcoming to me and my boyfriend during our visits. We were able to schedule appointments within a day of calling! I have seen many dentists and orthodontists in the past, and this was by far beyond my expectations. Very thorough as well as a genuine passion for the field of dentistry! We look forward to our next appointments and will only have great things to say about Dr. Lee and his staff! 🙂

Brooke Field


Not only did Dr Lee’s office get my teeth in great shape, but my hesitant three year old also had a great experience!

Kailyn Sanders


Gordon Chew


Well, since you asked- I suggested no Novocain for the smaller filling and instead had my whole face deadened for 3 hours. I have had drilling done before without anesthetic but the Dentist ignored my request.Then I was charged over 800$ for 40 minutes of work. I suggest being a part of the solution to the health care crisis in America instead of a part of the problem.Best~ Gordon

Michael V. Wall


Janine Place


Dr and staff are both friendly and professional.

Kristin Stirling Lee


So happy to be part of such a great office in Juneau!

Jared Lee


Great dental office

Marcus Paulson


Dr. Lee is a very compassionate person and excellent dentist.! I worked with him on various projects regarding giving dentistry to kids in need. I appreciate his support in helping the kids and adults who could not afford dental to have help.

Robin Mikkelsen


Dr. Lee and his entire staff made me feel relaxed and comfortable during my exam. Very friendly and professional people. Thank you !!

Nelson Cheung


Elsa Demeksa


I really appreciate Annette. She not only provides continuity from the past, but she is very good at her profession.

Jarilynne Merrill


Hooray for clean teeth!! They shine brighter than the sun:)

Tonya Mead


Everyone in Dr. Lee’s office is amazing! I hate going to the dentist and they made me feel completely comfortable. Everyone is so personable and attentive! Wonderful place to go!

Brian Sigler


Talented and knowledgeable staff make dentist visits quick and enjoyable.

Scott Halama


Very enjoyable. Thank you

Joey Park


Staff was really friendly and received my cleaning on time. Everyone was professional and courteous. Dr. Lee performed basically pain free dentistry on me as well. Very pleased with the experience. Will go back when I can.

Kristopher McClure


A friendly, thorough and professional staff with the latest technology. From my phone call to receiving my goodie bag on the way out- superior!

Jenn Larsen


We recently moved here from Texas and had heard great things about Dr. Lee, mostly from other Coast Guard members. My son and I had our first visit today and I can’t say enough great things! Phenomenal staff, Dr. Lee is amazing, and everyone was very welcoming and friendly. My son loved it and said he was very comfortable there. Highly recommend anyone to come here for their dental visits.

Chad Edwards


Kris McClure


Comfortable office, friendly staff, and quality work.

Tanner Kurell Butler


Heather Evoy


Personable staff, great patient care and excellent teeth cleaning skills! My teeth have not felt this great in a long time. I had a previous bad experience with another dentist and have been skeptical to go back and you guys really eased that anxiety and made me feel comfortable .

Kristin Sanders


Juneau is fortunate to have Dr. Lee! He and his staff provide excellent care for their patients. smile emoticon

Marissa Worley


Emyflor Ribao


Dr. Lee and his assistants are excellent. However, I am not very please with the misleading and inaccurate price information provided to me by the front desk about the services I received. Prior to receiving services I was told that services were covered 100%. After I received treatment yesterday, as I was checking out, I was told that it’s not 100% covered. And the front desk receptionist was asking for payment asap. Because it’s unexpected, I let her know it puts me in a very difficult situation. At this point, I don’t have a solution.Accurate information would be helpful and alleviate issues financially for both parties.

Ken Ricks


Dr. Jared Lee has a fun personality and is a great practitioner. He really cares about people and that is evident in the way he interacts with his patients.

Sione Toumoua


They were able to get my son in right away when he was in pain even though they were about to close. They were very kind and answered all question of mine. Dr Lee is the by far my favorite medical professional that ive brought my kids to. I would recommend him to everyone ☺

Tiffany Brennan McDonald


Tamra Newbold Peeke


Lisha Jeacocks


I hate the dentist so for me to give an excellent review the experience has to be really really good – and it was. Karen was very nice throughout the process, telling me what she was going to do before starting and generally putting me at ease. Jen went above and beyond the call of duty when she gave me a ride back to my ship as the tax was taking forever to get there. Thank you so much for turning my fears into a really pleasant experience.

Amy Miller Baars


I am raving! All day-best experience I’ve had with the dentist. Not only did they squeeze me in same day for a chipped tooth, but got a teeth cleaning and they got my whole family in this week. I am 110% comfortable taking my children, ages 6, 3, and 1 there after hearing the staff interact with the children patients today. I think I even heard some song singing to help settle some frazzled little kiddos-and it worked.

Dan Lesh


If you’re looking for a dentist that cares about prevention and puts the patient first, look no further!

Lisa Hector


Lexi Hills


Dr. Lee is a wonderful dentist and great with kids

Matthew Chambers


Just had my first appointment. Such a great office! I need some dental work done and everyone in the office is incredibly helpful and friendly. So happy to have found such an awesome Dentist. Highly recommended!!!

Katherine Orozco


I have nothing but rave reviews for this team! I have been to Dr. Lee’s office a handful of times since he first opened here in Juneau. The entire office is courteous and knowledgeable– they really seem like they are invested in what they do. I have never felt as comfortable in a dentist’s chair as I do with Dr. Lee and his rockstar staff. I think they have effectively cured my aversion to seeing a Dentist, and I feel incredibly confident in the care they provide.

Tim Wagner


Very happy having my cleanings and work done at Dr. Lee’s!

Barbara Craver


Today I had a crown replaced when a “soft spot” under a back edge was found at my semi annual cleaning. Dr. Lee and staff were so great. Work was done quickly, professionally, with care and humor(!), and honestly was painless. I feel very glad to have such modern, high quality dental care here in Juneau. The staff are excellent professionals in their own right and Dr. Lee is terrific.

Michelle Anderson


I had a great first time experience today! The staff and Dr. Lee were all fantastic! Courteous, professional, informative, funny! I highly recommend them for your dental needs ❤️

Kevin Lee


Robert Hanula


The entire experience was great! I am very happy that I made the choice to see Dr. Lee for my first dental visit in Juneau! The office staff and hygienist Karen were wonderful!

Reen Latu


Great people. Quality care! Will definitely refer family & friends here.

Darlene Hanula


My first visit to Dr. Lee’s office was professional and efficient from the minute I walked into the door until I left at the end of my appointment. Special thanks to Karen for her professionalism and for making me feel comfortable while she cleaned my teeth!

Dan Merrill


I know, Juneau, we all know. Dr. Lee is the best dentist in Alaska.

Carolyn Reddekopp


I had Dr Lee and his very capable assistant do a bottom plate reline prep. Wonderful!!! job!! I would recommend the work done to make my reline possible before it went to the dental lab. My eating habits have improved 95%.

Andrew Taylor


Sirona Tc Matt Ehrenstrom


Chantel Jaylynn Epstein


Brian Chan


Yeong Teuk Song


Highly reccommand !!! Thank you for your dedication and kindness to all patients’ oral health.

Cody Monette


Megan Bullers


Jared Lee is passionate about dentistry and it’s so good to see! Patient care and education is at the top of his list. Expect to get only the best.

Sherry Lanz


The new crown feels great.

Rick Varner


Amy Miller


The office staff, hygienist, and Dr. Lee were phenomenal as always. I was super nervous getting my first filling but couldn’t have had a better experience. Thank you!

Jessica Venturina


Kimberly Worley


Wayne Roberts


I had a very positive experience. Great staff, and was treated very well. One constructive comment: I didn’t realize that in order to get a cleaning I had to go through an examination first. Not a problem, really, but I was not expecting a 2-hour appointment. Consider letting new patients know how much time to allocate to their visit when they make their appointment. Perhaps extend this to all visit which require substantial amount of time.

Colin Williams


I base most of my decisions for dentistry on the fluidity and style of my dentist. The dentist here has got some moves!

Gary Dowd


Dr Lee was awesome, no pain and my teeth look Great

Richard Schmitz


I hate cleanings. But my cleaning went just fine with a minimum of discomfort. A lot of follow-up and explanations of what is going on.

Melanie Greer


I chipped a tooth on 3/14 and it hurts to chew. I called Dr. Jared Lee’s office on 3/15 and helpful Kim was able to fit me in on 3/16. My dental assistant was Jame and she was fabulous. Both she and Dr. Lee were friendly, funny, gentle and able to calm my nerves — exactly what you’d want in a dental experience!

John Hillman


I have nothing but Great Service from Dr. Lee’s office! Please keep up the great work!

Rebecca Epstein


Dr. Lee is an outstanding dentist!!! I’m so thrilled to be part of the team!!! smile emoticon

Robert Gross


Quick, efficient, no lectures (lol) and a great staff. I will see you in 6 months!

Edna Leamer


Top Notch treatment. Thank-you.

Isabella Bugayong


Thank you for making sure that my kids enjoy their dental visits.

Timothy Fullam


In more than 30 years as a patient of this practice, beginning with Dr. Horchover, this was one of the most uncomfortable routine hygiene experiences I have had. The hygienist was pleasant and explained what she planned to do. She wanted to use a new ultrasound scaling device, and I agreed to give it a try. I found it exceeding uncomfortable with frequent “zingers” that made me jump. I asked to hygienist to go back to the old way. She seemed inexperienced with this method. She didn’t offer to rinse often enough. I had to ask. She used the same tool throughout, though in the years of my experience, hygienists have switched tools frequently to access different areas and situations.

Thomas Dienst


Courteous and competent service, appreciate the appointment reminders and good communication.

Austin Lee


Dr. Jared Lee and his staff are wonderful. Not only is he a great dentist to kids and adults, he does so much for the kids and the community outside of his dentistry.

Fred Schmitz


Had a very good appointment. Had my teeth cleaned. Sammy was very friendly and was very professional.

Mary Sweeney


I was dreading my root canal appointment but experienced absolutely no pain during or after my root canal yesterday. Also impressed with the positive atmosphere. People treat each other well in this office.

Victor Shriver


Always a great experience and feeling clean after

David Wilfong


Well, aside from the very scared, screaming child in the next room over (nothing to be done about that, of course), it was as comfortable as a trip to the dentist could be. I was satisfied from the moment I stepped through the door, till the time I walked back out of it.Thanks Dr. Lee, Megan and Kim!

Russell Read


Although new to Juneau and suffering from a break+fractures, Dr. Lee and his staff were quick and accurate in their diagnosis, effective in their treatment, and impressive in their follow-up. Absolutely a godsend.

Claudia Sutton


Everyone is friendly, helpful and caring. Dr. Lee is amazing–a skillful dentist as well as a caring and funny man. I actually enjoy my visits. I’m 66 years old and have been to many dentists in my lifetime. Dr. Lee is my favorite.

Mary Fortin


Best Dentist and Dental Team I’ve ever had!! Keep up the awesome job, and don’t ever leave Juneau.

Tomoya Kawakami


Dr. Lee is the most conscientious dentist I have ever met. He strives to meet client’s needs/wants. I really appreciate his effort to keep up with the latest dental technology. I also appreciate the friendly staff.I highly recommend him to everyone.Tom Kawakami

King Lam


My visits have been excellent. Everyone there was very friendly and professional.

Tod Chambers


I had a follow up cleaning recently. Good experience, great staff.

Jean Hoegler


My experience was pleasant, the work was competent and efficient, and the staff was friendly–a good visit!

Thomas Carney


Great service, friendly staffConvent to downtown.Dr. Lee and staff are always finding fun things to do for our community.

Lance Fenumiai


It was great!

Leora Norstrom


In for my biannual cleaning. As usual everyone was very nice and helpful out front. Kristin was fabulous, like usual. I am very pleased with you and your practice. I recommend you all the time to the incoming Coastie families.

Lyman Thorsteinson


Dr. Lee and staff are all very professional, kind, and caring. My immediate problem was quickly identified and fixed. Could not be happier with the care I received.

Cindy Godbey


Dr. Jared Lee and his Awesome team took me in when it was an Emergency and I was so Grateful and they gave me Excellent care:) Everyone there was soooo nice:) Thank you for your kindness and Great work I will be back:)

Simon Goodrich


Dr. Lee and the rest of the staff at his office have a way of making you feel comfortable even if you’re nervous about being there at the onset. Aside from this, you can tell you’re getting very capable, knowledgeable care and advise.

Katie Schenker


Thank you so much for all of your help! So grateful that you could fit me in on short notice and that we solved the sore tooth symptoms. I will spread word about your wonderful staff and service.

Heather Mclenon


Dr. Lee and his staff are great – all super friendly and helpful. They were great with my 2 year for her first dental visit! I highly recommend them!

Erna Carothers


Very satisfied with Services

Raphael Marrast


Going to Dr Lee was my best dental experience pain less very attentive and caring and it was a last minute visit but him and his offices still made time and space to tend to my needs,they are very caring and professional I would definitely recommend to any of my friends and visit again

Katie Joca


Karen is lovely. The front staff is welcoming. Everyone there seems to love and appreciate their jobs. Very passionate about teeth and oral health. Thank you!

Robin Murdock


The visit was long but very relaxing and enjoyable for a dentisit visit. All the staff are super professional and all seemed to enjoy working for Dr. Jared as well as with each other. I felt like I had a thorough exam++ and the doctors plan was reasonable.very happy with my visit

Kelsey Childers


The doctor and his wife were extremely friendly, nice and welcoming. The staff was amazing, our neighbor keyed us in to this office, thank you Kim! Her daughter Kristen did a fabulous and careful job cleaning my teeth. Explainedible every step, was very passionate at doing the best job everytime. They were very informative of the measurements that were taken to ensure future teeth health which was fantastic. And to top it of a gift bag….with goodies me than a tooth brush and paste to go out of their way to make it truly a family and friendly environment. Nothing I have ever experienced at any doctor, dentist or office. Thank you!

Patrick Reilly


Great place! very clean & modern,very friendly staff. I dislike the dentist but this place made me feel at ease

Michelle Utley


They all made me feel very welcome and went over everything in detail and made sure all my questions were answered. All of them are very nice! Definitely recommend them!

Alma Bettridge


I truly appreciated the effort to fit my son in for a much needed appointment, especially as a new patient without notice. Dr. Lee’s interaction with my son highly skillful and considerate. The level of dedication from the moment we came in the door to the end of our appointment, felt client-centered and very kid friendly.

Zuriel Kerr


This was my daughter’s first time to the dentist. She was nervous and didn’t let on that she was enjoying any part of it. After leaving though, she proceeded to tell her brother about the magic tricks the dentist did for her and the show she got to watch, and the goody bag she got to take home! Now my son is excited for his appointment! Great team, great experience. Thank you!

Rebecca Topol


Friendly, knowledge staff that make you feel comfortable.

Bonnin Jarvill


Fantastic appointment! Everyone was friendly and extremely competent. Thank you!

Robert Weiss


Will miss her next time

Olivia Jarvill


“I liked his magic tricks and the goodie bag!”-Olivia age 5

Doniece Gott


Thanks for a great visit. I really enjoyed (creepy as gums look in x-rays) seeing my x-rays and discussing them with the hygienist. She was excellent. Dr. Lee was informative and has a wonderful bedside manner. I am confident that my girls and I will receive excellent care from this team of professionals. Thank you.

Douglas Morris


Dr. Jared Lee and team provided excellent service during my last two appointments. I was treated promptly after arriving. Everyone was very professional. Great care was taken to make sure I was comfortable while work was performed and team made a great effort to provide a quality outcome. I highly recommend Dr. Jared Lee and team for your dental needs.

Kerie Aerni


Excellent! Everyone is friendly and accommodating.

Stephanie Halama


Hygienist Kristin did a fabulous job on my teeth! She makes something I dread, much less miserable with her pleasant demeanor and gentle touch. Everyone in the office is very friendly too Thank you Dr. Lee and staff!

Dale Hudson


Well, maybe not a visit as such, but enjoyable experience nonetheless. They are always professional with me and always straightforward as to what I should have done and what they will do at my request. Which my ideas may not always coincide with theirs. But, they are always understandable and always happy to do what is needed.

John Heritscko


Thank you (Dr. Lee and Staff). Your kindness and awesome communication helped my comfort. Your skill set has me on recovery’s road. Your demeanor makes me believe in you. Meeting Ya’ll makes me want to be a better person. Just like you. Thank you. John

Samuel Sellick


Just finished my appointment and have to say Kristin is the best I have every experienced as far as her concern for my pain tolerance and just her attitude of caring to do the best possible job on my behalf. She is definitely a keeper as far as I am concern.

Amanda Manacio


I felt very comfortable, and the staff is absolutely so amazing and understanding. They listen to you and offer the very best advise. Thank you for the great experience!

Karen Owen



Carrie Cruise


Professional and courteous. Impressed by how the staff went out of their way to make one comfortable and relaxed. Dr. Jared Lee is the best!

Bethany Delavan


I was really nervous to go cause it had been about 15 years since I had gone to the dentist. Everyone was so kind, to making the appointment, everything was so professional and the staff and Jared Lee were so nice and made the experience a plesent one. Thanks you so much!

Luz Benitez


Excellent staff, Thank you.

Freyja Shelton-Walker


My daughter asked to go back again the next day….enough said!

Solei Jordan


My three year old has had a good experience going to her visits. The team is friendly and professional. Thank you for making my daughter’s visit a positive one.

Mike Clasby


Good morning-On November 30 I had a very painful situation with a tooth-I walked into Dr. Lee’s office-I was greeted by the very friendly staff-I had to wait only an hour but I got in and Dr. Lee took care of my problem then and there.

Jaxson White


The mouth guard had the wrong name spelling and a crimson bear logo that we didn’t ask forthe receptionist was nice and said that another would be made just a week late

Rosanne Schmitz


As always the professional yet personal service provided by Dr Lee’s office is outstanding. From start to finish I feel welcome and very confident in the care that I receive. Thank you for all that you do.

Renee Fischer


Everyone was friendly, helpful, kind and professional. Thank you so very much!

Karen Wright


Dr. Lee is an outstanding professional, does great work, and I really appreciate his community involvement.

John Monagle



Mary Belcourt


Karen was very personable and nice while cleaning my teeth. She told me important information about keeping my teeth in good shape. Dr. Jared is very competent and has a great bedside manner.

Kathleen Peterson


I am very pleased,with my visit to Dr. Lee’s office. I felt very comfortable , and the staff were friendly.I felt like I was treated like a person and not a dollar sign!

Alba Muir


Great support and customer service. The cleaning, should take more time to go through each teeth and do a better job.

Jeff Redmond


Great experience, they were able to see me quick, and get me a temp crown while the permanent one was built. Super friendly and knowledgeable. Great family environment.

anara mccarthy


I received my 6 month cleaning and check up this week and as usual, everyone there did an awesome job. They are the best group of people and so caring about the care you receive while there and even afterwords. Looking forward to my next cleaning and check up with Dr. Lee and his staff.

Charles Kopp


Dr. Lee’s staff got me in right away on short notice. I was experiencing a significant toothache which Dr. Lee resolved immediately. I was impressed with Dr. Lee’s thoroughness of care and communication skills. He instills confidence in patients! Kim and Megan (the people who make it happen for Dr. Lee!) are just the best in professionalism and customer service. This was my first experience at this office. I would rate it a ’10’ and plan to become a regular customer.




Thomas Pauser


For the past 24 years, I have always received excellent dental care through our military and Public Health Service, and all I can say is that my dental experiences were trumped with your amazing service. Very warm and inviting, and it actually made me WANT to come to the dentist again! Thank you for a great first impression, and I now look forward to my next experience!!

Ernst Mueller


I thought that I should wait for about a week before I responded to your request. The new crown is doing just fine. I was concerned that it would be too tight but I get gloss around it really well. I know this was a tough one when you had to send the first one back but it worked out really well thanks for the excellent and caring work. Have s great Nee Year

Denise Kaufman


aa always. wish all dental offices were aa flexible and understanding.

Brian Holst


I appreciate the Dr and staff kindness to my kids. It is very thoughtful to remember my son’s birthday and provide a sugar free candle sample. I do not enjoy the billing comments that my wife gets at each visit and what I was subject to yesterday. We have 5 families using your services and have been visiting the clinic for many, many years (I was a life-long patient of Dr. Cook). We pay our bills. Dental costs in Juneau are, in fact, the highest in the entire nation of the 260 cities that report costs (higher than Kodiak, Anchorage, Fairbanks in Alaska). Our insurance does NOT cover all the costs and the rest are paid through an HSA. If it is really a hardship for you to have us pay regular amounts over many months (per our own financial reality), we prefer to find another dental office. We are responsible people but if it is too much of a risk to you, we understand. And no, I am not willing to pay interest or fees to pay over several months.

Toni Petrie


I SO enjoy coming to Dr. Lee’s office. The atmosphere is so refreshing and his energy and humor is too. I’m very happy that I switched to him!

Aurelia (Annie) Kessler


It’s always a great experience here. Everyone in the office makes me feel comfortable and relaxed.

Paul Stocklin


Hi, staff was friendly and professional, was nice to get a same day appointment. One item for improvement- the health disclosure form looks like just a blank downloaded from a website, it should be filled in with things like reasons you would disclose information. Should also have a free-form section where the patient can add additional directions on information sharing. Thanks.

Richard Hitchcock


Everyone was friendly and helpful, I was in and out quickly. Overall a great experience .

Lisa Wright


Everyone seemed very knowledgeable. Kristen (sp?) was really good. Put me at ease and helped alleviate my gag reflex. The office seemed to be clean and was comfortable. I will highly recommend to friends and family.

Alison Lee


They were quick efficient knowledgeable & kind.