The latest dental-tech seems to be something out of science fiction. No longer are “bite-wing” film inserts the norm to make you gag, but instead there is a backing sensor of some kind for the individual X-ray images that is moved around, but repeatedly the same gizmo. The display, of course, is now a screen image (probably .jpeg) instead of the old “clip on a light” for transparencies, not to mention waiting for developed film. I wonder if they don’t have some false color enhancements for later study? (Hey, the old guy has been drinking wine!). Plaque? You got stains? We don’t do no stinking scraping and pick-axing (scaling) any more! Now build-up is “zapped” and shattered by contact with an extremely high frequency ultra-sound pick-like-thingy. Yes, shattered! Slurp! Up it goes in a rubber hose!They don’t even make you pay with pain anymore for your own lack of flossing discipline. The guilt trip and sore gums seems to be gone with the rotary dial. I’m beginning to think that my teeth will really outlast the rest of me.

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