The dental hygienist took me back to the alcove and I sat down. She took my blood pressure and then started asking questions related to my health care. Did I still have the same Dr., was I still on the same medication, etc. I had no problem answering these questions because they seemed relevant to the situation, even though they were exhausting. However, after that, she kept asking questions which were not relevant. Did I work? Where did I work at? I told her yes and that I worked at the hospital. But, now I was starting to feel uncomfortable. I do not wish to reveal any personal information about myself to a stranger. So I said, “I didn’t know we were playing 20 questions.” This was to let her know that I felt uncomfortable with these non-relevant questions. She evidently took offence, instead of realizing that I felt uncomfortable with her prying. She said, “I am just being friendly, but I don’t have to be if you don’t want me to.” What she said would have been okay, except for the apparant sarcasm in her voice. But, still I thought maybe she understood. I was wrong, because less than a minute later, she said, “What do you do at the hospital?” I sighed and shook my head slightly, evidently she did not understand at all. This is when things got ugly. She said, ‘Now you are sighing, what is the matter with you?” And, she went on to say she had never met anyone so rude. Why are you being so rude, etc.I listened, but now I went from just uncomfortable to just wanting to get out of there. I said, “Can we just get my teeth cleaned?” She seemed to agree and I laid down and she put the chair back. But, while she was examining my teeth,she started talking again. This time she said,” Do you work with people at the hospital, because, you wouldn’t be very good at it.” Then she stood up and took off her gloves. I wasn’t sure what was going on,but I realized that I was not going to get my teeth cleaned. At that point I wouldn’t have let her do it anyway. I said, “I guess I’ll come back another day and maybe someone else can clean my teeth.”She said, “Wait right here, I’m going to get the Dr. to talk to you.” I left, If I wasn’t going to get my teeth cleaned, I had no reason to wait, that I could see.In retrospect, it may be good for your hygienist to study a little about introverted people, not everyone likes to or is even capable of participating in small talk.But, even at that I felt I was treated horribly. And, the worst thing is, I’m labeled as a rude person when there was absolutely no anger or grouchiness about me at all, not so with your employee…..

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