I appreciate the Dr and staff kindness to my kids. It is very thoughtful to remember my son’s birthday and provide a sugar free candle sample. I do not enjoy the billing comments that my wife gets at each visit and what I was subject to yesterday. We have 5 families using your services and have been visiting the clinic for many, many years (I was a life-long patient of Dr. Cook). We pay our bills. Dental costs in Juneau are, in fact, the highest in the entire nation of the 260 cities that report costs (higher than Kodiak, Anchorage, Fairbanks in Alaska). Our insurance does NOT cover all the costs and the rest are paid through an HSA. If it is really a hardship for you to have us pay regular amounts over many months (per our own financial reality), we prefer to find another dental office. We are responsible people but if it is too much of a risk to you, we understand. And no, I am not willing to pay interest or fees to pay over several months.

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