I was a patient of Dr. Cook for many, many years. I hung in there during the Harborview ownership although I was not thrilled with the revolving door of dentists.  When Dr. Lee purchased the practice I had high hopes.  Initially I was happy with the service I received, but unfortunately I referred my now husband (who needs extensive dental work) to the practice.  My husband had a tooth extracted during a scheduled appointment where he also had a root canal.  A week after the procedures he was in quite a bit of pain and it appeared that a bone fragment had to be removed from the socket where the tooth was.  Dr. Lee’s office was able to fit him in for that procedure one day in advance of his follow up appointment.  Two weeks later my husband was still in pain and had bone coming out on the inside of his jaw.  I telephoned Dr. Lee’s office on two occasions on the same day inquiring about getting my husband seen potentially on a Friday.  I was told that there was no way the dentist would see him when the office is closed.  I explained the situation, but to no avail.  I was able to get my husband in to see one of the oral surgeons in town and the situation was resolved.  I called Dr. Lee’s office and requested a release of our records as we will be finding a new dentist. We found that Dr. Lee is not available to his patients on Fridays or weekends as advertised and at no time was I asked what could be improved to either keep us as patients or if I wanted to even leave a message for the dentist.

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